howdy ! you've found my about page!

i'm not great at talking about myself, but my site is personal in nature, so i suppose i need to at least a bit. you may call me noa, or plushy, or just moon/moonview.

i guess to get the basics out of the way: i am 22, i am a network engineering major in college who plans to become and IT technician, and i use they/them, it/its or ae/aer pronouns. if you care about my labels, those would be:
autistic, disabled, LGBT, mentally ill, alterhuman, and chronically ill.

i like to see myself as a cat! it is my strongest kintype as of right now, so it makes me happy when people do the same. to the right is actually me. >>

i don't feel comfortable talking about what exact mental illnesses i have, so please do not ask.

like i said on my homepage, moonview is an escape for me from social media. i have transitioned to only using it for friends, because it isn't good for my long term mental health. that is what i love so much about the indie web. i have freedom here that i never would have had on TTT (twitter, tiktok and tumblr). i also just like being able to freely express myself without the fear that if i say or do the wrong thing, i'll be publicly shamed and attacked. i like this especially as an autistic person who cannot always tell what the "rules" are of any given community.

but enough of that, more about me! i am an artist, as you can probably tell by my gallery page. i also write fan fiction, which you can find on my blog. much of my art is informed by trauma, since art and writing are good coping mechanisms for me. i'd love it if other's were able to see my art and feel seen by it.

i also have a wealth of spiritual beliefs which are very important to me. if i had to put a name to them, it would be closer to gnosticism than anything else.

one last thing, if you are someone who regularly engages in discourse, or sees the world in little boxes that you can put everyone into, you will not like my page much. i am 22, i am a college student, i am an adult. i have much more to worry about than someone who thinks a specific pairing of fictional characters should kiss, or what the hot new mental illness take is. please don't include me in any of that.