Name? noa(h) , teddy
Age? twenty-one (9.20.00)
Gender? no. :)
Sexuality? all (pansexual)
Pronouns? They/Them , He/Him
Labels? Gender-free , Disabled , autistic , webmaster , artist , gamer , LGBT+ , religious , otherkind

About Me!

HELLO WORLD. welcome to my digital webspace! some basic information is listed about me above. i am not great at talking about myself, but this page is a personal website, so in many ways it is directly about me. one of the things i pride myself on is my art, which i host here. this way it will be visible forever, and i won't have to worry about trying to get exposure on SNS's not made for art.

i am not hard to contact. if you need me, simply:

i consider myself religious, so please respect that. i would by all accounts be considered "pagan," but i recognize all gods from every religion, and i most often work with christian deities. i even believe to some extent certain popular characters have become some form of egregore. i don't often talk about my practices, i prefer privacy when it comes to that. although i feel it's important to list here so you can get an idea of me as a person.

i also identify as otherkin. as of right now, i don't feel comfortable listing my kintypes publically, but you may ask for them privately. i would probably be considered a fictionkin as opposed to strictly otherkin, but i prefer otherkin as an identifier. this is mostly for comfort, as embodying the traits of my kintypes makes me feel more comfortable and confident as a being.

i am physically disabled. i have AMC, a rare joint disorder. i have a mild case, relatively speaking, but due to AMC i use a wheelchair. along with this comes chronic pain and fatigue which i struggle with daily. i think, one of the biggest things for me about having a space like this, a space i created wholly by myself, is just that. the fact i made it myself. i require help for some of the most simple tasks in meatspace, but in the wired i can be exactly who i want to be.

fun facts about me!:

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I am a Togetic! Which Jewelpet Are You?