thank you cherry-chan~ (i'm sorry i didn't put this on my page sooner ;_;)

I'm Lukas but you can call me........Anytime 8P

Hello netizens :D! you may call me NOAH! or LUKAS. or LANCE. names are hard and i like having aliases so just PICK ONE >XV!!! I'm an awkward TWENTY (9.20.00) year old cyber dude (they/them or he/him pronouns) living in florida (i wasn't born here so i didn't want to say i was "from" florida xD)! here's some facts in a bullet point list because i don't know how to talk about myself lolol...

i have an okay knowledge of HTML and a very basic grasp of CSS, and i'm trying to learn more and more in my spare time! this web page also helps with that because i can test out what works and what doesn't, it's my own personal space to do anything i WANT!! :D that's what i really love about the old internet, instead of having social media that isn't technically even your own, there were webrings and personal sites and communities! i'm kind of rambling but i really like the whole "personal web" thing, it feels like i'm a real part of a community or something and not just a user on some social media site. it's cool, y'know? also, i hope this goes without saying but if you are transphobic, homophobic, or bigoted in any way: my content is not for you. moonview is not for you.

to the right is a doll makers depiction of me and my dog bentley (actual picture of him in my gallery! made with elouai), as well as a not totally up to date picture of my mayor from animal crossing: new leaf~

personal quote: "get paid, get laid, gatorade."- jacksfilms

le likes: coding, old operating systems, old technology in general, retro gaming, nintendo, video game urban legends and myths, internet mysteries, lost media, the lord of the rings, pretty cure, and, obviously, anything i make a web shrine about and put up here. ^__^

le DISLIKES: bigots, meat, how the modern internet is a capitalist hellscape, most modern social media, MAPs/NOMAPs (please get help), people who just do things in order to get popular, cringe culture


just my email if you wanna get in touch. :~)

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random facts about me~ :-D