tasteful old picture of me (from january)

I'm Lukas but you can call me........Anytime 8P

Hello netizens :D! you may call me LUKAS (or my real name, Lance :~D)! I'm an awkward seventeen (9.20.00) year old boy living in florida (i wasn't born here so i didn't want to say i was "from" florida xD)! here's some facts in a bullet point list because i don't know how to talk about myself lolol...

i have an okay knowledge of HTML and a very basic grasp of CSS, and i'm trying to learn more and more in my spare time! this web page also helps with that because i can test out what works and what doesn't, it's my own personal space to do anything i WANT!! :D that's what i really love about the old internet, instead of having social media that isn't technically even your own, there were webrings and personal sites and communities! i'm kind of rambling but i really like the whole "personal web" thing, it feels like i'm a real part of a community or something and not just a user on some social media site. it's cool, y'know?

to the right is a doll makers depiction of meeeeee~ (made with elouai)

personal quote: "get paid, get laid, gatorade."- jacksfilms

the song you're probably hearing right now (unless you muted the tab already) is the sunnyshore city theme from pokemon D/P/PLT! :D

Contact/Social media stuffs

in case you feel the need to stalk me outside of neocities... O.o (which, realistically if u were stalkin' me you'd already know. CX)


i'm an otherkin! both for spiritual and mental health coping reasons. since a lot of people outside of certain communities *cough*tumblr*cough* don't really know much about otherkin i have made a page that i want to accomplish two things.

  1. list my strongest kintypes and why they are the strongest
  2. educate some people about the history of otherkind and maybe stop some of the useless hate that comes towards otherkind

click here to visit the otherkin page!

Other random info I feel the need to share