date: 1/2/20


has anyone missed me? i'm not sure. i've been dealing with a lot of poor mental health through the year i've been gone. lots of stuff has kept me away from neocities but i think i want to try to come back. my website used to be a huge comfort to me and something that never changed, and i want it to be that again, i guess?? i also want to be a lot more open (which i tried at first with my otherkin page and it made me happy to talk about like i did. i want to do more stuff like that. it makes me happy and if you don't like that then i don't like you! :-])

i do not want to go into too much detail, but i had an extreme falling out with the person who made me love HTML and coding, and that made my love of a lot of things fall apart as well. games, shows, music, even specific names really hurt to remember. but i have been recovering! slowly. and i finally think i remembered why i like doing what i do. welcome back, Lance.