oh my god, a happy update?! yesss!!!

today, i wanted to go to the arcade... but it was SO busy. i'm assuming since it's nearly the end of the school year, that some class took a trip and it was packed. my local arcade isn't big, but it's not small either. and for a wheelchair user it just wasn't possible, so we had to leave almost as soon as we arrived.

that was the only disappointing thing to happen though!

when we got back in the car, my mother and i decided to go get ramen and then do some shopping. the ramen was great! the place in my city has a "make your own bowl" deal which is perfect for me (vegetarian), so i got a bowl with green onions and corn, with veggie broth. it was amazing! their noodles are always so chewy and nice, their broth is to die for...

we ended up not finding what we wanted at the first store we went to, but i found a fun looking slingshot pool toy. >:)

the last place we went today was my local retro game shop. it has a really nice vibe with a couple working arcade cabinets right in the front! and that is when i found...

a complete in-box wappy dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i immediately grabbed it! i looked around the shop a bit more to see if there was anything else that caught my eye, but i ended up just leaving with the wappy dog. i did however, ask the owner if he'd seen any klonoa items come through lately. he DID.

tomorrow, he's getting a sealed copy of klonoa: empire of dreams in. as well as dream champ tournament. i already have DCT, but i think tomorrow i'm going to go back and see how much he's asking for the copy of EoD. that'll be the crown jewel of my collection if i'm able to afford it!

BTW: here's some pictures of wappy i took!


hello everyone, it's been a while hasn't it?

i guess it's better late than never to make a little update blog. don't worry, nothing crazy is going on with me that's keeping me from working on moonview other than my regular mental health problems. as can be seen via my new about page (which, funnily enough i plan to redo again sometime soon), i've opened up about a few things.

namely, that i have DID, and i am part of a system.

this is more often than not the cause of a lot of my withdrawal from social spaces or hobbies. i have very little communication with the rest of my system, therefore we can't really work together on a lot of things. so, things "i" like get abandoned for weeks, months, years. being this way is incredibly hard sometimes.

i want moonview to be a place where i can be open, so this is one step towards that. i am going to talk about more lighthearted things now.

recently i have been playing and really enjoying tears of the kingdom! i'm taking the game slow, so i've only beaten the wind temple. the boss of that area is phenominal! i can't wait to play more

along with that, i have been getting into another Vpet. i'm currently running both a digimon 20th and a digimon X. they're both really fun! so fun i'm currently thinking out a digimon page connected to my tamagotchi one, given that digimon was first created as a tamagotchi spinoff.

i've also uploaded some photos of the as-of-now closed universal islands of adventure attraction "poseidon's fury". it's always been one of my favorites at IoA so it's really sad to see it go. :(

that's about it, i guess? i'm kinda tired (daily exercise is fulfilling but tiring ...), so i think i'll leave it at that. hoping next time i write it'll be about something not super depressing like talking about my mental health.


i went to a box tournament today!

i played a pretty basic hisuian zoroark VSTAR deck, and bricked so hard i went 1-2. my one win was a bye, so its only a win by technicality... a win is a win though!!

being a box tournament i still got a load of packs even for getting 5th out of 5 people. and guess what i pulled !!!

full alt art miriam!!!

not only is this a personal chase card for me, its useful in the TCG and the single most expensive card in the set at over $100 USD

i'm still shaking, not gonna lie.


i went to locals today after a hot minute!

for those unaware, i am fairly active in my cities pokemonTCG scene. i am part of a local team, and i show up to events whenever i can! today i went to locals at a card shop that has recently partnered with play! pokemon in order to do official events.

it was quite last minute, so i only had my mewtwo lunatone deck ready, but you know what?! i won!

after the tournament, everyone was asking how i won over decks like lost box or zoroark... wanna know what i told them?

ha! wouldn't that be really funny if i actually topped locals in 2023 with mewtwo?? not a chance.

not all of that was a lie, though. i really am active in my local PTCG scene! in fact, i'm working on a deck right now to take to locals next week! :p

maybe i'll add a PTCG section to my pokemon shrine... i'd love more people to get into PTCG!


everything happens so much.

last night, the right wheel on my wheelchair exploded. the tire popped (seemingly from accidental overfilling), and took the plastic shell with it somehow?!

if you know anything about wheelchairs, that basically means that whole tire is un-usable. good thing i have a spare set of wheels, right?

right? :)

the spares actually go to my old wheelchair that we donated after getting my new one.

i quite literally almost fell out of my chair today because one of the wheels was nearly out of the axel. yaaaaaay.

we are trying to contact the service department of my wheelchair manufacturer but it isn't going too well. i swear these people are slower than the DMV.

on the bright side, my
"めざせ!あこがれのわたし プリキュアミラーパッド!オールスター"
arrived today in the mail! i preordered it a hot minute ago, thought it was going to come out in february with the release of hirosky but i guess not? there should be a mini-review of it up on my pretty cure shrine about the same time as this blog goes up. it's quite cute :)



recently, i remembered an incredibly old "game" i used to play when i was 12. i played it quite a lot, which you'll soon find out is pretty weird.

it is a vocaloid-themed chat program called "miku miku online." you can play as miku, rin, len, and haku (if you know who haku is, you deserve a cookie). the map is a really shoddily put together 3D facsimile of a run down japanese town. you can also play as a "dummy" that is just a vaguely person-shaped black blob.

kinda creepy, right?? well, it gets "better"

this game has no central servers. they're completely locally hosted, so you have to know which IPs to use to connect. this game can also be run offline by just putting in the loopback address (, which is how i played it. you can also apparently use other MMD models, but i still don't know how to do that.

i also have the server program this was meant to be run with, so i very well could start one, if anyone is interested ...


welcome to the new sub-section of my site! it's not really as pretty or put together as the rest of moonview, but that serves a purpose.

this section, called "daily life" (by me, i call it that) is just basically, my new blog, writing (creative or otherwise) & photo hub! i'm planning a bit of a major re-design of moonview over the summer once i have more free time to brainstorm & code, and i feel that the more simple design/layout of this section of my site will carry over to the rest of it, maybe.

i say "maybe" for all of this because of simply how my brain works. my mental illness(es) is one that loves to distort my sense of who i am as a person, and send me into dissociative spirals due to it. it sucks but i just have to do the best i can to get back to "normal." a big part of this manifests as feeling like i need to "redo" things to fit who i think i am at any given moment, and its one of the hardest urges to curb whenever i get it..

so far, my best way to cope with this is to just completely ignore everything about my online presence and act like it doesn't exist. ☆~(ゝ。∂)