hello hi! it's my birthday today!

i've never been good at talking about myself, but today i am 22. i'm not a fan of birthdays honestly, getting older is kinda scary. and i always feel like i'm never as "mature" as i should be at any given age. i honestly still feel like i'm 16. but that's okay, i've always been a late bloomer. i don't need to be something i'm not!

regardless! i want to talk about something i really like about birthdays! videogame birthday messages!

i honestly think they're not as talked about as they should be. i don't mean ones like the party you get on your birthday in animal crossing or something, those games are meant to be life simulations, so it makes sense you'd get something special on your birthday. i have a bunch of examples i got today from some of my favorite games to show you all!

1. smile precure! let's go marchen world!

watch here

this one is just so cute!!! pretty cure has been one of my biggest comfort shows since the beginning of 2020 and it's so sweet to see my favorite characters wishing me a happy birthday. i also got a screenshot of the birthday screen!

2. the legendary starfy

watch here

i remember discovering this one when i was way younger, and almost every year since i've played starfy on my birthday to see this screen! i remember being really shocked that this game even had a birthday message!

3. pokemon ultra moon/ultra sun

watch here

almost every pokemon has a birthday message, and i think the USUM one has to be one of my favorites! the music box theme that plays in the pokemon center is so sweet.

4. teddy together / kuma tomo

watch here

the tomo series have some of my favorite birthday messages. the games are just so healing and sweet! i play this game whenever i need to cheer up, and seeing this message was just what i needed today!

5. neko tomo

watch here

just like teddy together / kuma tomo, neko tomo's birthday message is just the sweetest! my favorite part was when my grey cat, madoka, thanked me for being alive (literally said "i'm glad you were born") and for taking care of her and my other cat, kohaku!

thank you all for the birthday wishes everyone, i hope this was an interesting read!!!


ahh hello! everything has been redone ...

as you can tell, i basically remade the whole site. i'm much much happier with it now. i always feel the need to justify things which is something i'm trying to stop doing. i don't need to justify everything, and i don't need to justify changing my websites layout !!!

i say this because the original "first entry" on this new page was going to be me trying to explain why i needed to change the layout. but as i was brain storming what to say i realized that was a bad idea. moonview is my home, i don't need to explain why i want to do something to my own house. i wanted to do it because i wanted to, simple as that.

i will explain a bit about this page though, because i added some things:

the creative writing link will take you to, well, my writing! each story will have a little blurb and "tags" based on what the story is about. you'll have to click to read them. each story will have trigger warnings as applicable. i do want to keep this site somewhat SFW, so i will never post smut or the like.

the older entries link will take you to my previous blog, because i was too lazy to port everything over to the new layout. and i have 50GB of storage so who cares!

other than this, i have been watching a new anime! you can probably guess by the picture in my status box, but i have been watching alien9. i really like it! i really relate to yuri otani, the girl in my status box and the main character. i finished the manga last week and got around to watching the anime once school calmed down a bit.

oh yeah, school started too. my first in-person class went okay too! thank you to the person who sent me an email with suggestions on what to bring. :)