current song: smooch of devine protection - chulip OST

chulip is a weird PS2 game i really love. it starts with you moving to a small town, meeting the neighbors and seeing a girl you kissed in a dream! she tells you how to kiss people so you try to kiss her, and she slaps you. then you go inside a sewer where a head with legs teaches you how to kiss people (properly this time) and helps you on your quest to kiss your dream girl.

this game has that weird japanese humor that i really really love. another thing i like is the character designs, they look a bit weird when you first encounter them but throughout playing the game they honestly start to grow on you. my favorite would either be zombie mika, leo, or the dream girl. not surprisingly two of my favorites come from my favorite kiss-quest-thing... zombie mika and leo, it kind of reminded me of the anju and kafei sidequest from majora's mask and it had a very bittersweet end to it. basically every kiss aside from the UR (underground redident) kisses involve you battling the peoples indavidual personal demons in order to kiss them...

collection of my favorite screen shots and gifs from chulip!


the games title screen. it really reminds me of the harvest moon: a wonderful life or harvest moon 64 title screens (ironic becus both of those games AND chulip were made by natsume XD)

the puppet-y character designs are really friggin cute ;u;

some of the kisses in this game are cute!


poor boy cutest boy 10/10 would smooch

the characters also have a weird animal crossing esque way of talking but it sounds more human than AC does. my guess is they just took samples of people speaking japanese and cut them up randomly. heres an example of how they sound (i couldn't find the best example since there isnt really any non-commentated playthrough of chulip)

if from these screenshots and gifs you think you'd like chulip, buy it or emulate it!!! it's pretty cheap i think and if it's not just emulate it, its really easy to.