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hello! welcome to my internet site!

this page exists as a digital record of the genetically engineered cat-thing coding it! i hope you enjoy your voyage !

moonview, also known as NOAGARDEN, is my home away from home where i do whatever i want!

this site has existed since 2016! the original goal was just to improve my coding skills as a hobby, but now i want this place to be something more.

i want to get away from the corporate internet !!

modern social networks are where creativity, nuance and empathy go to die! you can't do anything interesting with them beyond begging people to reblog/retweet/retoot/like/share the next random wall of text!

* that being said, if you came from TTT you will not like me or my site. sorry!

social media is bad for artists, writers and so many other types of creators! NOAGARDEN exists so that i can have a space that is completely my own, away from that mess.

this website is hosted on

forever any always!

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11/24/2022 - happy thanksgiving! tamagotchi shrine is live + new featured song. :)

11/10/2022 - finished kin page, added sugarteara button!

10/31/2022 - happy halloween! joined the selfship webring!

10/27/2022 - addedd commission page, they are open!

10/8/2022 - added pretty cure shrine, new art. now affiliated with NeoNet!

9/30/2022 - remade kin page

9/26/2022 - remade gallery

9/24/2022 - about page added

9/19/2022 - added a music player

9/18/2022 - remade the blog page, added creative writing section!

9/17/2022 - layout change! welcome moonview 3.0!

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