wait... klonoa?

klonoa is a series of puzzle-platformer games on the playstation that first released in 1997! well, it isn't exclusively playstation games. the first two, klonoa: door to phantomile and klonoa 2: lunatea's veil, came out on the PS1 and PS2 respectively. after that, there were 3 gameboy advance games, a wiimake of klonoa 1 and a wonderswan game, of all things. it's a platformer about a cabbit (cat/rabbit hybrid) named, well, klonoa! in japanese, the series is known as "kaze no kuronoa" or "klonoa of the wind" but everywhere else the game is simply refered to as "klonoa". i am part of the series's very dedicated, yet very small, fanbase! the series hasn't been heard from since 2008 (the release of klonoa: door to phantomile on the wii), but a "recent" trademark has made people hope that the series comes back! sadly, not all trademarks end up with announcements, or even games. it's probably not likely the series will come back, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate what we have right now!


the first klonoa game, door to phantomile, is one of my favorite games! that's not saying much though, every klonoa game makes up my list of favorite games! the game starts off with a very memorable monologue for anyone who has seen it. in it, klonoa wonders where dreams go after you wake up and forget them, and tells the player that he is going to tell them about a dream he remembers as if it was happening right then. then the game begins!

the basic plot of the game is that klonoa and his ring spirit friend, huepow, must travel through phantomile to reach ghadius and free the idol lephise. ghadius kidnapped her because she sings a special song to rebirth the world and purify it. obviously, if lephise sings her song, ghadius will cease to exist in phantomile. as well as a certain "strange dream" he mentions whenever he appears...

throughout his adventure, klonoa will travel through: