welcome to the moonview 2.0 project, also known as NOAgarden!

noa is my name, and this is my digital garden, free from the influences of modern social media. i am free here to post whatever i wish, and i hope my wishes are of some interest!

this website exists purely as a form of self expression that goes against the "sleek" modern aesthetic of the new, corporate-owned internet. when the best places to hang out were roblox or club penguin, and the internet was built on the backs of people like me who have passion and want to share it; webmasters.

the links in the navigation bar to your left marked by pokemon will keep you on this main landing page, while just changing this frame. links marked by pokeballs will bring you to a new page! but don't worry, you'll always find a way back.


9/1/2022 working on otherkin page
8/21/2022 added (link to) madoka shrine & a gifypet
8/13/2022 redesigned klonoa shrine
8/5/2022 redesigned blog
7/26-28/2022 added pokemon, klonoa shrines
7/25/2022 added shrines page

(also added the directory but forgot to list that)
7/22/2022 added the gallery
7/21/2022 added about page
7/20/2022 added devlog
7/19/2022 remade the site

▼ To Do List ▼

finish otherkin page & madoka shrine

put me on your site !