i originally had this as my "otherkin" page but i really dont think that label fits anymore? like, i do not much care for the otherkin communities on most sites and on the main site i frequent me and the kin community there have some pretty big disagreements that cause drama among other users who are more vocal about it than i am. (i have been in drama about it before, too) so i just like saying these characters are "very me" because that is the truth! i feel very connected to these characters for various reasons and i do not like associating those reasons with otherkin anymore! i might come up with my own term for it at some point but in any case i am part of no community that focuses on spiritual connections to fictional characters/animals/mythological creatures. i have my own set of beliefs regarding my connections to these characters and they don't fit in the modern definition of otherkin, and i am not a soulbonder either.

i just really like being associated with these characters, it makes me happy in a kind of way is hard to describe. sort-of like, for me i don't really know who i am in any capacity but i do know who fictional characters are really really well so saying "i am like X" is a lot easier to me than trying to figure out what my characteristics are and saying that... (did that make sense at all?)

miharu rokujo is the character that is most important to me and i feel the strongest connection to. i guess reading his manga during some of the worst times of my life means it really made an impression on me and i heavily associate myself with miharu. even though his story is about a hidden world of ninja and he is the literal king of that world due to something he has no control over i feel like i can take those scenarios and fit them into my own life in my own way, and through seeing how miharu deals with those problems i get an idea on how i should deal with my own problems. seeing myself as miharu and people associating me with him makes me really happy.

(the one to the left is lucas)

not as strong as miharu, but i do associate myself with lucas from mother3 as well! i suppose its because i like beeing seen as the kind of person lucas is, or that i already am that type of person. i couldn't really tell you wich because i'm not sure myself! i am somewhat of a crybaby, i like being seen as soft, and i'm a big momma's boy... also it probably helps because lucas is the main character of my favorite RPG, and you are kind of supposed to be able to project yourself onto RPG protagonists...