nabari no ou (king of nabari) is a manga and anime series and it really means a lot to me! i watched the anime first on funimation and started reading the manga a year after it ended in the states. since then i have started a mini collection of nabari related media! mostly the books i am able to get my hands on from japanese ebay sellers as nothing much really came to the states aside from the english manga and the DVDs of the anime. from ebay i have gotten the artbook, guide book, and a book full of sketches of characters, locations and things from the anime! the anime adaptation is not my favorite anime, though. it has a looooot of problems and even for 2008 the animation is kind of stilted and really bad. and since the nabari manga didn't end in japan until 2010 the anime was running before the manga had finished! there are a lot of very big and small differences between the anime and the manga and i like how the manga ended more than the anime. the manga felt like it actually ended where the anime ending felt kind of rushed and while it made sense in terms of the anime it was just...not good!

this is a gif from the opening of the anime! from left to right the characters are raimei, tobari, miharu and kouichi

the anime

even from the first few episodes of the anime there are some differences that if you know the manga are kind of weird...

even though those differences are kind of weird and make no sense the anime and manga stay the same story-wise...for the most part. none of the characters are given nearly as much development as they could have had (even minus the development they got in the manga. the anime made up its second half so why couldn't it just make up some developing moments for its characters?) and some important scenes were cut out of the anime but that can be understood because the manga hadn't got to those parts yet when the anime started, and it ended before the manga ended.

here are some examples of things the manga did but the anime didn't do!

regardless of everything i just ranted about, nabari no ou is an amazing story. read the manga if you can! it's well worth it. i just love this series to bits and kind of sperg out when it gets brought up no matter what, lol. this is probably my most disorganized page but i am still happy with it because i talked about what i wanted to talk about in regards to a series that i deeply connect with.