my identity as alterhuman is something i keep close to my chest.

usually i hide it due to wanting to fit in, but i'm tired of that! i'm tired of hiding something so important to me! thus, this page exists. it will mostly be about my experiences, so this probably isn't the best place to find entry level information.

i will however offer a basic definition. alterhuman refers to indaviduals who believe in whole or part that "human being" isn't a completely accurate description of them. whether their soul is made up of shards of fictional characters, or they are mentally an animal, or identifying with a mythical creature brings them a sense of comfort, alterhumans don't wholly see themselves as human.

otherkin/alterhuman has been a proper identity category since the early 90's at least, so it's hardly this new and cringey thing people make it out to be. sincerity in your beliefs isn't cringe anyways! i want to get away from the tumblrkins, as they're often called, and find my way back to the actual community. thus, i created this page to make that a reality!

kinning is very important to me, and has been since i discovered it. sadly, i came to find kinning through the tumblr fictionkin/mediakin community, which if you've been in it, you'll know is probably one of the most stressful places to be online. i have since distanced myself from the tumblrkin side of the community and want to further learn about what the community is truly like ! from this journey i have found the label "alterhuman", and i think that is what i will stick with for the time being. i quite like it!

i have reasons for each of my kintypes, although i don't think i kin in a very "traditional" way. i don't see myself as my kintypes a vast majority of the time. which might be normal, but i don't know. if you wanted to split hairs, i might be closer to an otherhearted or copinglinker, but all this terminology confuses me, so i just use the umbrella 'alterhuman'.

i think it is also important to mention that, given i am part of a system, my concept of kinning and alterhumanity is going to be different from singlets.