yes, i kin ! i consider myself as being closer to the original definition of otherkin than whatever it's been turned into by TTT. kinning used to be spiritual in nature, not an identity which you could use against another. the community used to be uplifting and caring towards one another, but as of late it's just been nothing but discourse, discourse, discourse ... who can kin this, who can't kin that, what's not ok to kin at all, it's just too much !!!

kinning is very important to me, and has been since i discovered it. sadly, i came to find kinning through the tumblr fictionkin/mediakin community, which if you've been in it, you'll know is probably one of the most stressful places to be online. i have since distanced myself from the tumblrkin side of the community and want to further learn about what the community is truly like ! from this journey i have found the label "alterhuman", and i think that is what i will stick with for the time being. i quite like it! now that is out of the way, it's time for ...

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* note: to me, there is no such thing as kinning outside of ones experience. it is a stupid notion, so please don't come at me for that.