therians are a different 'kind' of alterhuman, although we share similarities with otherkin, for example. many see it as; otherkin is a broad term for non-earthly identities (fictional characters, mythological beings, concepts) while therianthropy refers to things that are of this earth specifically.

although i think it is possible to kin things that are of this earth, this is the definition i use. like many terms under the alterhuman umbrella, there is quite a lot of overlap. i think it is fine to use whatever term you like best!

a core of therian belief, like otherkin, is that one posesses something (traits, thoughts, ETC.) distinctly nonhuman deep inside themselves and chooses to connect with it. for myself, that would be catlike behaviors.

i consider my therian identity different than my otherkin identity, though not everybody will.

to me, it just feels like deep down, or perhaps my soul, is that of a cats. it feels much more permanant and rooted than any kintype could be. i don't experience therian shifts since this is my only theriotype. it's just always there in the back of my mind.