what's pokemon?

pokemon is a series of video games first released in 1996 and currently in its 7th generation of games with pokemon sun and moon.
it has an anime based off it that began after the games, and toys, movies, a trading card game, etc. basically anything you can think of, theres a chance there's a pokemon version of it.

in the games (with the exception of sun and moon), you're a ten year old who is going to take on the gym challenge of your region, you have to beat the 8 gym leaders of the region, get their badges and then go to take on the elite four and then the champion. all with the pokemon you caught and trained throughout your adventure.

the boy on the left is the main character of the pokemon anime, ash ketchum and next to him is his partner pikachu. the show has gone on since 1997 and ash and his pikachu have adventured through every region so far, and the sun and moon series is currently airing.

pictures of my favorite pokemon!

hover over the images for the pokemons names

my pokemon game collection

this is a picture of most of my pokemon games minus about 2 because i couldn't find them at the time. i'll make a list below (seperated by system the game is on) because the picture is blurry.

game boy:

game boy advance:



gamecube / wii:

my favorite pokemon game

pokemon platinum is my favorite pokemon game ever!

obviously this is a semi-hacked file...

i named my platinum character HABIT after one of my favorite ARG characters, HABIT from everymanHYBRID. i got the national pokedex without the aid of hacking but i hacked the rest of the way up to 493. i also hacked the 999:59 time because i thought it looked cool. i had around 20+ hours originally. this is a folder on my emulated version of pokemon platinum, i do have a cartridge and have restarted it from my old file and plan to shiny hunt for a chimchar on it!

i kind of don't want to get into exactly why i love platinum so much because personal things and i don't want it to be out there, but it's a game very close to my heart and i love it and have had over 100+ hours of fun and exploration through sinnoh in my original cartridge file. heres some more pics of my ROM file!

this is a picture of my secret base!

...and a picture of the party i beat the game with! below is pictures of each pokemons summary :-D

explination for the name boober: the pre evolution of this pokemon in english is called magmar, the japanese name of the pre evolution is boober XD i thought it was silly

My number one favorite pokemon ever

click image for full size!

jirachi is my favorite pokemon ever for two reasons, the first is super personal so i'm not going to say it but the second is because i genuinely really like it's design. i've collected a bunch of jirachi stuff and that is displayed in my shrine in the image above. below i'll add a list of every item in my shrine and link to where you can purchase it (if possible, some of the items in my shrine i've never been able to find online and some i used to be able to but they've dissappeared.)

i'll try to find more of my collection online, but so far those are the most popular/readily available items from my collection.


i know this is pretty old. i just want to talk about it! two years ago, a demo once thought entirely lost was found and uploaded online, which showed a completely different game from what we got when pokemon gold/silver came out. once the demo was datamined it showed very different pokemon to the game we got. pre-evolutions, new lines entirely that were never seen since, and some beta designs for pokemon that made it into the game (such as the legendary dogs suicune, entei and raikou!) it even showed evidence of a female character being present which eventually became kris in pokemon crystal. if you click the image below it'll take you to the lostmedia wiki page about it!