* w3schools

seriously, w3schools is probably the best website to start learning HTML, CSS, JS, and everything you need for hobbyist web development. like the kind you'd find here on neocities! actually...

* neocities has tutorials?!

yes, it does! with way more helpful links for people of all skill levels. quite a few people seemingly miss the large "learn" link up on the navbar. oh well.


* geocities japan

* glitter graphics

* gifcities

or... make your own! for example, all of the headers on each page of moonview are made by me, and i eventually want to make more graphics for moonview myself ! i highly reccomend doing this, it gives websites their own personal flair that you can't get from just using stuff from these links
(noa is being a hypocrite here)

there are also websites right here on neocities that offer free graphics and such!

places on the wider internet i use frequently

* wiby: for searching the old web easily

* zoro: for watching more modern/well known classic anime

* 9anime: for having the largest anime database

* archive: for archival and such, also finding interesting things

* theme plaza: for my hacked 3DS! did you know it's actually incredibly easy to hack your 3DS, and that you should do it now that nintendo has ended almost all its services?

* Hshop: for similar reasons as above. with the closing of the 3DS Eshop, and the absurd price many classic 3DS games command on secondhand markets (thanks to wankers like this) Hshop is a necessity for the modern hacked-3DS owner. also, piracy from AAA game companies is always morally correct.

i might add more in the future as a "for fun" section of sorts, but as it stands these are the most useful resources i have to offer!