now let me take you back to the past ...
the year is 2008...

i'm a young child, just finished my homework and i'm opening on my windows XP laptop, and...

oh boy!

my favorite youtuber coodoo17 has a video i haven't watched! must have been too busy to keep up, i'll watch it right now!

(this joke would have worked better if Arson With Charmy was still up on coodoo's channel...)

if you ever had this experience in the late 2000's/early 2010's, you had the same childhood i did! i feel like i'm one of the only people i know who was obsessed with these sonic sprite animations. they pretty much died in ~2015, which is sad because some of them were honestly hilarious!

this niche youtube genre started in 2007 with the release of coodoo17's video "shadow buys a haunted mansion (part 1 of 2)"

coodoo is possibly the most well known creator of these videos, but i'll be real, i didn't even know that until recently. i mainly watched videos from 12gameschamp21 and her "SSS show" videos.

this shrine will be dedicated to explaining what the heck this genre even is, why i love it so much and other misc things. in fact, here's a playlist of a bunch of them for your viewing pleasure! (i think some of them are "broken" for embed and can only be watched on YT...)

what is any of this. even.

like said above, this 'genre' of youtube video arose in around 2007. well, technically it started earlier than that on newgrounds, but this incarnation started, in my opinion, in 2007 with the release of shadow buys a haunted mansion.

the tropes of this genre tend to be sonic, shadow and silver all living in a mansion together, and general hijinks ensuing. often times the creators may include their own fan characters, other sonic characters, or characters from other games as a whole, but the main cast is usually these 3. there are also videos in this style that are exclusively fan characters (which, sidenote, are incredibly funny whether or not the creators intended them to be!)

below will be a bit about the 3 main characters, their personalities and general quirks specific to the fanon of this genre.


unlike a vast majority of sonic fan content, sonic is not usually the main character in these videos. in fact, he's quite often a background character.

sonic is usually the straight man of the group, and, at least in coodoo videos, portrayed as "gay" in the late 2000s view of the word. he's shown being into more "girly" things than the rest of the characters, like... shopping, and caring about his appearance.

that's quite literally the most interesting thing about sprite sonic, at least in the videos that play into that. amy also shows up sometimes, but their relationship is about the same as in actual canon. amy loves sonic and pesters him for dates, and he makes insane excuses to get out of them.

one thing, though, is that in coodoo's newest sonic sprite video, sonic is actually a wheelchair user. it's never brought up as to why or how he became one, he just. is! which, in a really weird way makes me happy.

being a wheelchair user myself, it's really cool to see a wheelchair using character where the narrative doesn't feel the need to "explain" why they're like that. some people are just disabled for irrelevant, kinda boring reasons and nobody outside their doctors need to know why. it's kinda funny to me how a fanmade sonic the hedgehog series is better at disability representation than like, half of modern media.


shadow is... shadow! he's an edgy guy who has a collection of guns, and is usually shown to own one of the chaos emeralds.

he's incredibly prone to violence, and if there is a physical conflict he is probably the one who started (or will end) it.

shadow is the comedic foil to silver. he responds to silvers' antics with over the top violence. that is basically his character.


unlike most sonic content in general, silver is often the main character in these videos! many plots revolve around him, or he causes/is the inciting incident.

for example, in the haunted house 'episode' by coodoo, shadow tries to call sonic as his lifeline on "who wants to be a millionaire" but gets silver instead, because he wanted to raid sonic's fridge.

silver is also the character who finds out the mansion the 3 live in is haunted by the tails doll.

he's portrayed as pretty dumb, but usually harmless. he and shadow actually have a pretty deep bond as well, despite on the surface seeming at odds with each other.

his biggest catchphrase is "owowow. how did i not see that coming."

ok so,. why?
why not?!?!

they're actually pretty funny, if a bit dated in terms of humor. they're also really nostalgic for me if i haven't already gotten that across.

these videos take me back to a time where all that mattered was whether or not i got good grades, when i didn't have to schedule all my classes myself, when my major fatigue wasn't an issue. it's a fun little escape, if nothing else! i love these weird old videos and i want to share them with as many people as possible, because this kind of stuff is hard to find nowadays.