i know the fad ended in the mid 90s!!! i don't CARE!!! they still make new tamagotchi every few years!!!
tamagotchi (and all Vpets for that matter) are super fun and rewarding to own! i have a whole collection of different tamagotchi because every single one gives you something different! and even if it's just a normal tama with no big gimmick (like the g2 or connection) they still have different characters to raise and love!! certain characters are exclusive to certain games so you could have a one of a kind boy and not even know it if you didn't know a lot about tamagotchi!

tamagotchi 101

tamagotchi are little egg shaped electronic toys that task you with taking care of your very own tamagotchi! at the most basic level, you have to manage their hunger and happiness and help them if they get sick. you do this by feeding them, playing with them and giving them medicine! now that is just the bare minimum, that's how tamagotchi was in the 90s. newer tama keep that core and give you so much more to do! for example, in the new tamagotchi ON (tamagotchi meets in japan), you are able to unlock different towns your tamagotchi can visit, befriend their residents, and even marry them if you find a special someone!

tamagotchi evolve (or grow up) based on how you care for them, so you better do a good job!!! your tama can even DIE if you don't keep on top of their needs! in later games, once your tamagotchi grows up it can get married! and in very recent games, your tamagotchi's child will look like a mix of your tamagotchi and their spouse! i think this is my favorite mechanic in tamagotchi. now there are so many more combinations of tamagotchi to create and i just think that's incredibly cool. your tama can even have a pet that can marry other pets to have an all new one! i think that is why the tamagotchi ON is my absolute favorite behind the tamagotchi angel. the ON just has so much to do and it can connect to an app that allows you to connect to tamas around the globe! you can even marry other peoples tamas through the app!