The Legend of Zelda has been one of my favorite things ever since i was around ten years old. link is my favorite character in gaming and BOTW is my favorite game ever (just above super mario odyssey!). TLOZ has had a big impact on me and it's honestly hard trying to figure out where to start! everybody knows what zelda is, its been around for so long it's hard not to know about it. this page will just probably be me rambling about how much i love this series and it will probably be edited and tweaked a lot (this is the first time i've been able to come back to this site in over a month so)..

aaaaah what a cutie!!!

i own almost all the legend of zelda games in some form or another. the ones on the eshop i've gotten on my 3DS and WiiU, every other one i have a physical copy of! the only ones i don't have are the oracle games, Oot3D (i already have the original on my WiiU so i don't see why i need it), the original MM (don't have an N64 and i also have the 3DS remake), skyward sword, the original TP (i have TP:HD),a link between worlds (i have a link to the past on my WiiU, and i know that ALBW is really different from the original and thats why i neeeeeeeed itttttt *____*) and the four swords games. i might be missing more but those are the big ones that i know of.

there are many incarnations of link throughout all the games and timelines, they aren't all one guy! (WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS FOR A PLOT POINT THAT WAS REVEALED IN 2011) "link" is actually a line of reincarnations of the goddess hylia's most trusted knight. in skyward sword it is revealed that zelda is the reincarnation of the goddess hylia herself, link is the reincarnation of her knight, and ganon(dorf) is the reincarnation of the evil king demise. anyway my favorite incarnation of link is actually right on this page! the big adult ocarina of time link graphic off to the side is my favorite picture of link EVER!!! below him i think my other favorite incarnations would be TP link and SS link.

my favorite zelda incarnation is no doubt BOTW zelda. i love her so much i can't even describe how much i love her!! my favorite ganon incarnation is either WW or OoT ganon, i love WW's style and they made ganon look amazing but i reaaaaally like how Oot ganon looks before the final battle...*droooooooool*

*ba na na naaaaaaa*... imagine if you could actually get the triforce in OoT like it was originally intended (this is a gif from the OoT beta trailer when it was just called "zelda 64")

i want to talk about this! not a whole lot of people know but a mangaka called akira himekawa has made manga adaptations of a whole bunch of TLOZ games! they have done ocarina of time, majoras mask, the oracle games, four swords, the minish cap, phantom hourglass, a link to the past, twilight princess and skyward sword. i own every one except the oracle games, a link to the past and twilight princess (i might be getting that one for christmas! i also originally put here that i didn't have the SS manga but apparently i do! it's part of hyrule historia so jot that down xD).

my favorite is the four swords manga! i'm not sure how faithful it is to the games (i've never played them) but this one is definately one of my favorites because dark link is in it! and he has a CHARACTER ARC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there's a concept going around about something called a comfort character, which is basically just a character that comforts you and is kind of like a fictional crush? i can definately say link is one of my comfort characters! from a lot of stuff in my childhood i don't plan on going into detail about link has always meant a lot to me.

i hope this page accurately gets across how much i truly love The Legend Of Zelda!